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Jeet Kune Do Principles – 截拳道原理

Jeet Kune Do was founded in the 1960s by a dedicated and intensified man named Bruce Lee. Jeet Kune Do is more than a style of martial art, it contains the principles of martial development. It is an evolving martial tradition based on the philosophical, conceptual, strategic and technical aspects of Bruce Lee’s Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do. I am a second-generation Principles-Based Coach of Jeet Kune Do Principles under Sifu Rain Burgess.

If you are interested in Jeet Kune Do, live-training in the Temecula, California area or the distance learning program, join the Perennial Jeet Kune Do Principles Group by clicking here.

For more on Jeet Kune Do, visit the Jeet Kune Do Principles website or download the Atlas Intensity app at the Google Play Store.